Telenor Wallet Frequently Asked Questions

I. Telenor Wallet

Why should I use Telenor Wallet?

Telenor Wallet enables you to track your Telenor MyCard spending and the remaining balance available on your account. Your bank card data is stored securely in the Telenor Wallet application in order to allow you to use other services in the future as well.

What are the technical requirements for Telenor Wallet?

The Telenor Wallet application runs on smartphones with an operating system of iOS 7.0 or higher; or Android 4.1 and higher.

Who can use this application?

The Telenor Wallet application is available for anyone with a suitable smartphone and a MasterCard®, VISA, AMEX or a CVC code-equipped Maestro® bank card issued by a Hungarian or non-Hungarian bank. In order to use the Telenor Wallet you need to download the application and register.

Can I use Telenor Wallet outside Hungary?

The functions of the Telenor Wallet (balance, limit modification, check transactions) are also available from abroad. The application generates Internet traffic, and so data roaming service charges will apply when it is used abroad or you need to access it through a wifi network.

II. Application and card registration

Must I register in order to use the Telenor Wallet mobile application?

Once you have downloaded it, you need to register the application to be able to make payments via a mobile phone or use other services that require a bank card. Upon registration, a phone number specific environment is created on your phone where you can register your bank card in a safe manner. Registration requires no personal data. Bank cards can only be added to registered applications.

When can I start using the Telenor Wallet application to make payments?

We are continuously developing the Telenor Wallet mobile application and so new updates will be released in future that will provide you with payment options.

What kind of bank card is required to use this application?

You can register a MasterCard®, or VISA, AMEX and CVC code-equipped Maestro® bank cards issued by a Hungarian or non-Hungarian bank, but you need to have a Telenor MyCard to check your balance and transactions or modify your withdrawal limit.

Can I register several bank cards in the Telenor Wallet application?

You can register several bank cards in the Telenor Wallet application, too. Bank card registration is not subject to a fee.

How do I receive the activation code when I register my bank card?

You don’t need an activation code to register your bank card. You have to provide accurate data so your bank card details can be processed and approved.

What is an activation code?

The activation code is sent via SMS while registering the application. On Android phones, the application automatically reads the activation code sent in an SMS; on iOS you must enter it manually. By entering the activation code you have successfully activated the mobile application.

What is a CVC code (CVC2/CVV2/CSC/PCSC code)?

International bank card issuers introduced a verification number in order to make card-free transactions even safer. The number referred to as a Card Validation Code (CVC2), Card Verification Value (CVV2) or Card Security Code- (CSC) is a three-digit number printed on the signature panel or there is a Printed Security Code (PCSC), a four-digit number,found on the front of your bank card.

What is re-registration?

You need to re-register if you forget the mPIN code that you provided when you registered earlier. During re-registration all previously recorded information is lost; you must enter it again.

III. Fees, costs

How much does it cost to use Telenor Wallet?

The application is free to download. Bank card registration is free of charge. Downloading, using the application and bank card registration generates Internet traffic, or you can access the Internet via wifi usually free of charge. Fees charged for SMS messages sent during registration or use, and for Internet traffic depend on your selected tariff or service package. For further information contact your mobile operator.

What data traffic is generated during the use of Telenor Wallet?

One transaction requires less than 5–10 kByte of data traffic, i.e. it is an insignificant amount, even if you carry out several transactions.

Do I need a mobile internet subscription to use the Telenor Wallet?

You need an Internet connection to download and use the application, but it can be either wifi or mobile internet.

IV. Security

What happens if I lose my smartphone or it is stolen?

Call Telenor Customer Service (1220), where the operators will take the necessary steps to block your phone. No transaction can be carried out without the mPIN – the 4-digit identification code you provided. It is therefore important to keep your code in a safe place, separately from your phone.

In the Telenor Wallet application, are my bank card details stored on my phone?

No, they aren’t. The activated mCard data is stored in an encrypted format, and such data is used by the banking systems only when you initiate and approve a payment or another card transaction.

Do I have to cancel my registered bank card, or is there something to do in the Telenor Wallet application when my phone is lost?

It is recommended that you delete the mCard version of your bank card but, since the payment is executed via the banking system, no transactions can be carried out with a blocked bank card even from a smartphone.

My bank card has expired. How do I update my bank card information in the Telenor Wallet application?

You must register your new bank card and it is advisable to delete information related to the expired card since it can no longer be used.

What happens when my phone number changes or I switch mobile operators?

You must re-register your application. All the data stored in the application is deleted when you change your phone number or switch mobile operators and your bank card must be re-registered.


What is the “mPIN code”?

mPIN is a 4-digit numeric code that you select and it is your personal, secret form of identification. The mPIN code must be provided upon registration. You must remember this code, because you can carry out transactions in Telenor Wallet only with this mPIN code. Even if you registered several bank cards, there is only one mPIN code for one Telenor Wallet application.

How can I change my mPIN code?

You can change your mPIN code in your Telenor Wallet application’s menu, under “Settings / Change mPIN”.

Does the mPIN code have to be identical to my bank card’s PIN code?

No, the mPIN is your special, individual, four-digit numeric code. Even if you registered several bank cards in the Telenor Wallet application, there is only one mPIN code that you will use to confirm the transactions. The mPIN and your bank card’s PIN are two separate and unrelated codes.

I changed my bank card’s PIN code. Do I have to change my mPIN code, too?

No, because the two PIN codes are unrelated.

I mistyped my mPIN three times and the system blocked my account. How can I unblock it?

You cannot unblock the mPIN, because it is not stored in the system. You must re-register the application and enter your bank cards again.