Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!

Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!

Telenor Wallet

Telenor MyWallet Telenor MyWallet

A free operator-agnostic app available to all!

You can use our app to pay for your parking, highway ticket or weekly lottery ticket easily with the amount being subsequently added to your monthly phone bill.

If you register your existing MasterCard or Visa bank card, you can top up your Telenor balance or pay for your Telenor bill anytime and anywhere. If you have Telenor MyCard(1), you can also track your balance and spending easily in our app.

Please download our free app to experience the convenience and freedom of mobile payment!

  • MasterPass
  • Telenor balance
  • Extra functions


Now use your phone number instead of your credit card information when You pay in online shops! So do not be surprised. From now You decide to approve or not your every online payments, without sharing your credit card information with anyone else.


Telenor TopUp

Balance top-up

You can top up the balance of any Telenor card in a few steps using this app. Select the phone number from your contact list, give the top-up amount and top up your card from the bank card registered in Wallet in a few seconds. Another benefit is that you can subsequently retrieve any card-based payment with Wallet from your payment history.

Telenor számlafizetés

Telenor bill payment

Wallet makes bill payment easier than ever. You do not have to spend your time queuing or waiting any more. Telenor customers can also use the Wallet app for fast and convenient bill payment. To ensure maximum safety, you need to enter your PIN code given in Wallet upon registration for every card-based transaction.

Our app enables you to use our convenience services anytime and anywhere regardless of whether you are the customer of Telenor or that of any other Hungarian operator. And you can pay for these services subsequently together with your monthly phone bill.

Mobile parking

Pay for you parking conveniently even from the driver’s seat with automatic GPS-based zone selection!

No matter where you park, you no longer have to look for a parking meter. GPS-based zone selection automatically provides you with the information required to start parking based on your location data or restart an earlier parking session.

Mobile highway ticketing

No more stopping! You can buy your highway ticket any time in a few touches.

Telenor Wallet enables to buy a weekly, monthly or a county-specific highway ticket for the whole year any time in a fast and comfortable way.

Did you know that mistyping the plate number is the most common mistake during SMS-based ticket payment? Our app will save you from this headache, too.

Save your plate number in the app to prevent such mistakes.

Mobile lottery

Play your favourite numbers anytime or try your luck by shaking your phone.

You no longer have to visit a lottery shop or enter long strings of numbers into a text message. You can select your favourite numbers in a few touches or try your luck by shaking your phone for a random selection of numbers.

First use

To be able to use the app safely, please register as follows:

  1. Read our General Terms and Conditions and accept them if you agree.
  2. Give your mobile number so that we can send you a security code for completing your registration. In the future, your Wallet account will be associated with this number.
  3. Select and memorize a PIN code for your Telenor Wallet. This PIN code will ensure the confidentiality of your card data. You will need it for any bank card transaction.
  4. Register your Telenor MyCard or any MasterCard or VISA bank card by entering its data.
  5. From now on, you can use the registered card for topping up your Telenor balance or paying your Telenor bills. If you have Telenor MyCard, you can also track your balance or spending and change your daily spending and cash withdrawal limits.

(1)For more information about the Telenor MyCard Credit Card please visit our home page. APR: 39,89%

(2)The Telenor MyCard Credit Card is issued and the Budapest Mobil Applikáció® service available through Wallet is provided by Budapest Bank Zrt. (Registered address: 1138 Budapest, Váci út 193.) Telenor Magyarország Zrt. (registered address: 2045 Törökbálint, Pannon út 1.) is the financial agent of Budapest Bank Zrt. Telenor MyCard function of the Telenor Wallet app can only be used with an activated Telenor MyCard registered in the app. The Extended Mobilbank Info service is provided by Budapest Bank Zrt.

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