Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!

Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!

Supporting NGO activities

Donating tablets for fund raising activities

The Hungarian office of WWF, the world’s largest environmental NGO, decided to upgrade the technology used for on-street fundraising in summer 2013. Driven by successful cooperation in the past, it selected Telenor as a project partner. In 2013, the two organizations launched an on-street fundraising trial never seen in Hungary before. As part of the project, Telenor has provided WWF Hungary with 5 tablets and broadband Hipernet access free of charge. These cutting edge devices are used by the NGO’s on-street fundraising staff called WWF Ambassadors on a daily basis. Using tablets, they no-longer need hardcopy prints to do their job.

The two-month trial has been very successful. The number of people approached on the street and in community areas has doubled and the amount of donations raised has also significantly increased.

Donation line

Besides these apps, we run several donation lines and helplines using our services to help those in need. This way, we enable our customers to help in a fast, simple yet efficient way. Telenor supports the fund raising activities of more than 70 NGOs through the 13600 “ADHAT” donation line operated together with other telecommunications companies and the Nonprofit Information and Education Centre (NIOK) Foundation. For more information on the ADHAT line please click here.

Besides national NGOs, Hungary has several smaller organisations running donation hotlines. This site aims to provide a brief overview of these organisations and encourage Telenor subscribers to endorse an initiative of their choice.

  • Hungarian Baptist Aid Foundation, donation hotline: 1355 (HUF 300)
  • Caritas Hungarica, donation hotline: 1356 (HUF 500)
  • Hungarian Interchurch Aid, donation hotline: 1353 (HUF 250)
  • Hungarian Red Cross, donation hotline: 1359 (HUF 250)
  • Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, donation hotline: 1350 (HUF 250)
  • ADHAT hotline 13600/extension XX, list of recommended NGOs: www.adhatvonal.hu

Counselling helpline Lelkisegély-vonal and missing children’s hotline Eltűnt Gyermekek Segélyvonala support important social causes and are available free of charge on a 7x24 basis.

Blue Line Child Crisis Foundation/Kék-vonal Gyermekkrízis Alapítvány (toll-free numbers)

Counselling: 116-111
Missing children’s helpline: 116-000

Mobile applications

Subscriber requirements for calling donation hotlines

In addition to a valid subscription, subscribers have to enable access to premium rate services. Calls and SMS messages to donation hotlines listed on the Website are exempt from VAT.

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