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Hipersuli Education Program

Hipersuli is an educational program created by Telenor, which starts in 15 classes in 5 schools around Hungary. During the project Telenor and its partners will provide tablets, internet connection, digital curriculum, guidance to safe internet using, pedagogue training and technical support for all the 31 teachers and 350 students who are taking part in the program. The project was launched on May of 2015 and it  lasted until the summer of 2016.

You can find more information on the Hipersuli website

Project background

Hipersuli Program’s pilot project was launched in September 2013 in Budapest, with 4 classes from the Áldás street Elementary School. Students used the devices and the digital curriculum in 3 lessons during the whole year. We utilize the experiences and feedbacks we collected during this year, and build it to the system.

Before we brought in the digital devices to the educational system we checked with all the parents whose child was included. The main goal of the pilot project was to get a clear view of the positive influences and the risks of modernizing the education from the teachers, the students and the parents’ point of view. Thanks to Telenor students had the chance to use the devices to study Native Language, Writing and Reading, Biology and English between September 2013 and June 2014. Besides the fact that studying with devices was much easier, it was much more fun as well! During classes and with the homework students had the chance is learn to use the newest digital devices and to know more about safe internet use. They found out that besides the games there are a lot of applications that helps them in studying, and they also learned which ones are the best for them. Teachers, kids and parents took a huge step forward in the fight against digital analphabetism and tightened the gap between technology and its users. We provided 51 tablets for kids, teachers and other school associates who were involved in the project. The devices helped 30 students during class, and another 12 students in math study groups.

Involved schools

  • Áldás street Elementary School
  • Eötvös József Elementary School of Ercsi
  • Németh László Elementary and High School of Hódmezővásárhely
  • Bálint Márton Elementary and High School of Törökbálint
  • Szent Imre Catholic Elementary School of Zsombó

Students from 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 9th grade had the opportunity to join the program. We provided devices to classes of Hungarian Language and Literature, Math, Biology, History, Informatics and foreign languages.

Pedagogue training

To make it successful the program requires many things, but the most important is the dedication and the suitability of the teachers. Not only because they lead the kids on this road but also because they are those who have to help them stay on it. This is why we provide persistent help for the involved teachers during the program. First they had to participate in a 30 hour long training program, where we specified the goals and the expectations both for them and the students. Later on they had a personalized “digital writing” test, then we developed their digital skills and prepared them of using tablets and digital curriculum. A training was practice oriented led by other teachers who had experiences in this field.

Next to the teachers school coordinators are also involved in the project. As they are in the school they can provide quick help in any technical or vocational issue.

Scientific researches

As it is an experimental project we expanded it with scientific researches as well. The Digital Identity Agency coordinates a program where academic researchers doing psychologic and pedagogic studies to measure the efficiencies of the new educational techniques. During the researches they study and use the feedbacks from teachers, students and parents as well.

Collaboration with the OFI (Institution of Educational Research and Development)

We collaborate with the OFI during the whole project in the name of strategic partnership between the government and our company. The digital curriculum is provided by OFI.

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