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Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!

Healthy working environment and work safety

The good health and safe working environment of employees is a key priority for Telenor Hungary. Continuous development in this field is supported by an occupational health and safety management system based on the MSZ 28001:2008 (BS OHSAS 18001:2007) standard.

Employees can use the services of two private clinics if they are sick or feel unwell. At Telenor House they can consult both an occupational health specialist and a General Practitioner. Health services have prevention as their primary focus. All employees can request free anti-flu vaccinations and we also contribute to the costs of employees’ glasses. At Telenor House attention to ergonomic aspects as well as recreational facilities for team building and personal use is afforded great priority. Besides the grill patio, in 2011 we built a new football pitch and volleyball court, which all contribute to a healthy and pleasant working environment. Flexible working hours mean employees can do sport even during office hours. The principles of a healthy diet were a fundamental requirement in preparing the menu for our canteen and café. Smoking is prohibited in the building; employees can only smoke in designated outdoor smoking areas.

Education and awareness

We are continuously striving to raise employees’ health and safety awareness. Employees can access occupational health and safety pages on the internal company portal and they are enrolled in mandatory fire, and health and safety courses concluding with a test every year. In addition, hundreds of employees participate in awareness raising programmes every year. We pay particular attention to ensuring employees receive first aid training to help them acquire skills that can potentially save lives in critical situations.

Base station safety

Since 1999 Telenor (Pannon) has been conducting systematic occupational safety reviews at our network’s base stations on a 5- year cycle in accordance with the provisions of Hungary’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. This activity has a twofold objective. Firstly, it aims to guarantee appropriate and safe working conditions for employees and subcontractor staff working at antennas and other equipment installed at high altitudes. Secondly, it seeks to ensure the safety of people living in the vicinity of base stations and passers-by, protecting them from injuries caused by falling objects. Within the framework of these reviews specialists closely inspect bases stations’ structural components; check the availability and condition of safety kits, and repair any irregularities identified. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of every contractor and operator partner of Telenor to report any irregularity detected at base stations so that we can take action to restore safe operating conditions. We provide industrial climbing training to employees whose jobs involve occasional work done at high altitudes near antennas. They are equipped with the best quality industrial climbing and protection gear, undergo regular medical check-ups and refresher courses and repeat examinations to maintain their skills.

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