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Equal opportunity

Providing equal terms of employment and carrier opportunities, and supporting an appropriate work-life balance are key components of Telenor’s employment policy. We believe that our work-life balance practices and firm action against all kinds of negative discrimination improve our employees’ loyalty and help Telenor perform better as a company.

Telenor is committed to establishing working conditions in line with the requirements of fair employment and does its best to have ethical conduct recognized at the workplace. In line with this, Telenor objects all kinds of discrimination and ensures equal opportunities in employment.

Ratio of women in senior management

The gender distribution of our staff (statistical headcount) is balanced. The ratio of women in management positions, however, does not follow the same pattern: less than 20% of strategic senior management positions are filled by women. The company wants to change this to reflect the presence and importance of women at Telenor also at the senior management level. We set up a dedicated project to realize this goal by 2020.

Supporting talented Roma youth

Telenor joined the equal opportunities initiative of the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF) and IBM Hungary supporting the higher education studies of talented Roma youth in 2008. Corporate mentoring is a key component of the programme.

As part of the programme, Telenor provides students with internship opportunities in line with their fields of study to give them insight into corporate culture and processes, and help them acquire skills useful in their future careers.

Returning to work

Supporting the return to work of employees with young children is a priority in Telenor’s headcount policy. While employees are on maternity leave, Telenor signs a fixed-term employment contract with their substitutes which means that they can return from maternity leave (GYES or GYED) smoothly. In addition, part-time employment and teleworking/working from home options help parents with young children return to work earlier and better align their work with family priorities. These options are an integral part of our corporate culture and are highly popular with Telenor employees.

Employee diversity

In addition to setting up a dedicated working group (Gender Diversity) in 2015 to increase the ratio of women in Telenor’s senior management, we also hired a specialist NGO to help us efficiently integrate people with a reduced ability to work into the organization. In the reporting period, we started to work together with Salva Vita foundation to employ more people with a reduced ability to work and sensitize our employees to this issue.

For more details about employment data please see our sustainability reports.

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