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Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!

Sustainability through our products and services

Collection of used mobile phones

Mobile telephones are 95% made of recyclable materials which can be easily extracted and processed. Their hazardous waste content can all be sorted and reused for the manufacturing of new products. The materials posing the highest environmental hazard are lead in old phones’ printed circuits and mercury used in LCD displays. Microphones and other small components may contain other hazardous heavy metals, which, if not properly recycled, can leak into the environment and trigger harmful processes.

Customers can return their used mobile phones and batteries to our shops any time.
The collected used devices are resold in foreign markets for recycling. 907 kg of used mobile phones were collected in the reporting period.

Home Office Day

In spring 2012, Telenor and Microsoft have launched their Home Office Day initiative to introduce the culture of working from home in Hungary. At Telenor it is common practice for employees to work from home for one day a week to save on commuting costs and reduce emission. Mobile communications devices and mobile Internet can help reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission also at a national level. Working from home rather than driving to your workplace for 30 minutes you can save the energy used by a mobile operator per subscriber to run its network for one year.

The Home Office Day initiative has been joined by WWF Hungary that also contributed to developing environmental content related to the event as an expert partner. The Home Office Day’s website includes a CO2 calculator tool verified by WWF Hungary that can be used calculate the emissions saved by working from home.

What can You do?

Mobile communication offers you an excellent opportunity to live a more environmentally conscious life. Avoid unnecessary travel by using technology. Before leaving home, use the Internet or your mobile phone to get information on traffic jams, opening hours, the availability of the products you want to buy, or the whereabouts of the people you want to visit. By driving for 30 minutes in vain you waste more energy than your share of your mobile operators’ annual energy consumption and the energy used to charge your mobile phone in one year combined. Video and teleconferencing are environmentally conscious alternatives to business flights. Saving 1,000 kms of flying reduces CO2 emissions by 120 to 150 kg per person.

If you can, buy mobile phone whose packaging is made out of recycled materials or whose electronic user manual is published on the internet rather than printed out by the vendor. Since 2012, vendors have been providing uniform cell phone chargers for their handsets which reduces the amount of raw materials and energy used in production and cuts waste output.

If you have a mobile Internet subscription, you can download music and films electronically rather than buy a physical CD or DVD. By doing so, you can prevent these products from being manufactured, taken to the shop and from the shop to your home.

If you have a smartphone, you can use various mobile applications to cut your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. Check out the applications capable of improving your environmental consciousness on the Internet.

You consume a lot less energy if you use your mobile phone rather than your computer for e-mailing, Internet browsing or updating your profile on community sites. In the future, mobile data communications will enable services with a potential to improve the efficiency of buildings, cities or even energy production and distribution systems and help us better manage natural resources.

If you want to buy a new handset, don’t throw your old phone away and don’t keep it in your drawer for a long time. Bring it to us and we’ll accept it for recycling in any Telenor shop. We also organize regular promotions offering a discount price on new handsets to customers returning their old phones.

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