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Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!

Our other activities that have an effect on the environment

Base station installation

During network development, base stations can be implemented using three different technical solutions. Their order indicates priority.

1. Using the established infrastructure (towers) of, that is, co-locating with other telecom operators.
2. Using buildings or other structures of an appropriate height and technical condition nearby (e.g. chimney, water tower, church tower, silo, roof of office or residential building).
3. Constructing a self-owned tower.

The factors considered when selecting an optimum technical solution include minimised visual and environmental impact.


Telenor feels responsible for the health and safety of its customers, employees and the communities living in its service areas. Therefore, it always fully complies with Hungarian and international regulations specifying safe exposure limits to electromagnetic fields (e.g. WHO[1] safety limits and warnings) and internal Telenor Group policies (Telenor Guideline on RF[2] Emission Control of Cellular Radio Sites) when installing new base stations. It also provides objective guidance to stakeholders on the potential impact of radiation. For more information on base station installation practices please read the previous year’s report.


Providing our services, we make an effort to reduce the noise generated by the structures and equipment installed by us affecting local residents. If the noise emissions of our equipment lead to complaints, our staff carries out the required on-site check-ups and then takes the necessary measures. They replace spare parts or units, relocate equipment if necessary, or involve experts to develop a noise reduction plan and implement it while notifying all stakeholders (residents, lessors, official bodies, etc.).

Waste management

Telenor is committed to reducing the use of natural resources and supports the recycling of all devices and materials. During its business activities, Telenor ensures sustainable waste management and makes its suppliers and contractual partners follow environmental standards in line with its own. Telenor Hungary sorts hazardous waste in compliance with the relevant Hungarian legal regulations. To support recycling, the following six types of waste generated by our services and business workflows are sorted:

  • paper waste
  • glass waste
  • plastic waste
  • metal waste
  • electronic waste
  • batteries

Paper consumption

We also make effort to eliminate hardcopy materials from customer communication or at least reduce printing to the minimum. To reduce paper-based billing, we encourage customers to shift to e-billing. We managed to double the number of our e-billing customers every year since e-billing was introduced.

[1] WHO World Health Organisation
[2] RF (Radio Frequency)

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