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Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!

Energy usage and carbon-dioxide emissions

In line with its environmental policy and CR strategy, Telenor makes effort to minimise its environmental impact, reduce its use of natural resources, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. For more details about our environmental performance and figures please read the environmental chapters of our sustainability reports.


As energy use by our telecommunications network accounts for about 80% of Telenor’s total energy consumption, we make continuous effort to implement development projects improving energy efficiency. As a result of these projects, 2013 saw the permanent decommissioning of legacy equipment supporting technologies used before the network modernization programme of 2010 to 2012. 2013 was the first full year when the energy efficiency of equipment installed during the technology swap was reflected in energy consumption.

Energy savings also came from the modernization of the electricity supply system of one of our key and most power hungry sites which resulted in more reliable operation, higher energy efficiency and less power loss. In 2013, the air conditioning equipment of switches across the country were also replaced with energy saving systems.

Building management

The headquarters of Telenor Hungary, Telenor House in Törökbálint, is one of Hungary’s state-of-the-art. When designing Telenor House, we strived to be environmentally conscious and innovative everywhere possible.

The heating and cooling system of Telenor House is based on geothermal heat pumps and 180 heat probes drilled a hundred metres down into the ground. The heat exchanger unit for the ventilation system reduces energy waste, while 168 square metres of solar cells generate more than 60% of the energy required to produce hot water for people working in the building. A number of building functions are controlled by a computer-aided intelligent central management system. Green power and state-of-the-art building control systems enable Telenor House to save nearly 145,000 cubic metres of gas and 92,500 kWh of electricity, thereby significantly reducing its ecological footprint.

There is a multi-purpose pond on the premises. This is more than just aesthetically pleasing, with the water provided for use by the fire department and used to cool our server park, thereby further reducing our energy needs.


Telenor seeks to use environmentally friendly telecommunications solutions as an alternative to travel in order to reduce traffic. It makes effort to prevent or reduce fuel consumption, harmful emissions as well as emissions caused by transport and business travel. To save time and energy, our office building offers employees several technology options to hold their meetings and conference calls on-site, and we also support our employees in working from home. The Telenor House has 7 meeting rooms with teleconferencing facilities, and 6 meeting rooms also support videoconference calls.

We are modernizing our car fleet to further reduce transport-related CO2 emissions. We review the opportunities to buy more hybrid or electric cars every year. Our fleet included 67 hybrid cars and one Nissan Leaf electric car in 2015.

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