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Cooperation with Transparency International Hungary

Telenor has been partnering with Transparency International Hungary (hereinafter “TI”) since 2012. We aim to jointly develop solutions to help SME s combat corruption, a major threat to Hungary’s competitiveness, in response to the findings of the National Integrity Study published by Transparency International Hungary in 2012. To read more about the results of our partnership in 2012 please click here .

Key partnership milestones in 2013

  • Result of Transparency in Corporate Reporting (TRAC) survey: Telenor ranked first in a tie in TI’s TOP 50 list
  • E-learning material “SME Courage” prepared for suppliers and other companies
  • The Telenor Ethical Company Award was presented for the second time
  • Business Principles for Countering Bribery booklet compiled together with TI
  • Presentation by TI at the Legal Workshop
  • Management engagement survey at TOP200 companies

International transparency survey

Telenor was one of the four companies achieving the highest score in TI’s transparency survey. The NGO reviewed the websites of Hungary’s 50 largest companies to evaluate, among others, the publicity of their internal anticorruption measures. Together with three other companies, Telenor scored 96% in the survey which is an outstanding result in Hungary. For the detailed results of TI’s survey please click here .

Management engagement survey

On behalf of Telenor and TI Hungary, Dun- Bradstreet conducted a non-representative survey on the anti-corruption solutions of Hungary’s most successful companies as part of the Figyelő Top200 programme. To access survey results please click here .

„Átláccó” festival

"Átláccó" labyrinth

Telenor supported TI’s “Átláccó” Festival traditionally organised on the World Anti-Corruption Day for the third time. The conference on integrity and the attitude of young people to corruption was accompanied by an animation film contest for short films demonstrating anti-corruption behaviour. At the awards event, Telenor presented its special award to Tamás Borján for his short film on getting a driver’s license. To watch the winning films please click here .

Telenor Ethical Company Award

We presented the Telenor Ethical Company Award for the fourth time in 2015. The award was established to recognize corporate programmes aiming to promote ethical business conduct. In the enterprise category, the award has been granted to Grundfos Magyarország Gyártó Kft. whose Code of Conduct includes a large number of corruption case studies, while in the SME category the award went to Biofilter Környezetvédelmi Zrt. that enforces ethical guidelines not only among its own employees but also among its 4,600 partners providing a model and education for the entire industry. More information on the award and the winning application .

Business Principles for Countering Bribery booklet

With the support of Telenor Hungary, TI published its Business Principles for Countering Bribery booklet specifically for Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises in 2013. The booklet aims to serve as a practical guideline for SME owners and managers wishing to adopt an antibribery strategy and run their business accordingly. Besides detailed practical descriptions, it includes typical situations with an inherent risk of bribery to help SMEs in their prevention efforts.

“Being a responsible large enterprise we not only want to set an example but also provide specific and easy-to-adapt guidance to Hungarian SMEs for running an ethical business and developing an anti-bribery strategy.” (Christopher Laska, CEO)

To access the booklet please click here .

“SME Courage”

Roundtable event organised by Telenor, Transparency International Hungary and the American Chamber of Commerce

The e-learning material titled “SME Courage – SMEs’ Guide to Anti-Corruption” jointly developed by Telenor and Transparency International aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises fight corruption. It aims to help users realize the situations involving the risk of corruption and be aware of potential consequences. The e-learning material “SME Courage – SMEs’ Guide to Anti-Corruption” is available free of charge at Telenor’s website .

A joint project by Telenor Hungary and TI won an exhibition opportunity at KÖVET Association’s CSR Market 2013 event. It was selected as one of the four best Hungarian corporate responsibility programmes in the large enterprise category.

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