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Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!

Ethical supplier chain

Its size, business activities and extensive supply chain make Telenor a key player of Hungary’s national economy. It cooperates with many service partners in various fields from consulting to purchasing that all contribute to the company’s successful operation. As a result, we need to promote sustainability also in our partner network.

The Supply Chain Sustainability (SCS) function has been playing a central role in establishing and maintaining the sustainability of our supply chain since 2008. As a key function, SCS sets demanding expectations for contractual partners and monitors compliance with them to support Telenor’s high service quality and competitive position. Acting as a consultant and monitor, the SCS function not only reduces supplier risk to Telenor, but also reduces business risk for the suppliers themselves to help them implement recommendations made during inspections.

Telenor framework for ensuring sustainability in the supply chain:
Management commitment from Telenor
Supplier commitment
Inspections and risk management

We take special care to work with partners that can identify with Telenor’s values, ethical and anti-corruption principles. As part of this, we expect our contractual partners to sign an agreement on responsible business behaviour to demonstrate their commitment to the Telenor Supplier Conduct Principles based on international best practices. They also have to agree to convey the Telenor Supplier Conduct Principles to their own suppliers and enable Telenor to check compliance both in their organization and at their subcontractors.

Based on the results of a preliminary risk assessment, Telenor has about 50 suppliers fill in the Self-Assessment Questionnaire for Telenor Suppliers every year. With this document, companies need to evaluate their operation and performance based on the requirements of their responsible business agreement and the Telenor Supplier Conduct Principles. These questionnaires help us identify the fundamental risks incurred by our suppliers and partners.

In addition to filling the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, we regularly assess our suppliers through comprehensive reviews and targeted inspections of varying subjects and detail (involving site surveys, interviews, document reviews) – with special respect to the compliance of their management systems and environmental and health and safety practices with Telenor Supplier Conduct Principles and legal regulations

Based on the results of these assessments, several corrective actions were taken in cooperation with suppliers. The assessed partners are currently implementing these actions with Telenor providing advice and monitoring their progress.

We raise our partners’ compliance awareness at personal awareness sessions. Interactive workshops are about the contents of Telenor’s Supplier Conduct Principles and auditing practices. The results of these awareness sessions are immediately apparent in a more direct contact with suppliers and trust-based attitude during the audits.

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