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Practices to combat corruption and promote ethical business

Telenor is firmly opposed to all forms of corruption. For Telenor, anti-corruption is not only a legal obligation and an ethical standpoint. Corruption is a threat to business and society in all countries. It undermines legitimate business activities and distorts competition, it ruins reputation and exposes individuals to risks. Telenor has zero tolerance for corruption and is committed to doing business in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Anti-Corruption Handbook

Our Anti-Corruption Handbook provides guidance to all employees to help them do their jobs in line with Telenor’s values and formal anti-corruption rules. The handbook aims to give Telenor employees a practical tool for following Telenor’s values and formal anti-corruption rules.

Corruption risk assessment

In line with our principles of ethical and transparent operation, we make continuous effort to assess and reduce the risk of corruption. In 2015, the Legal Department completed a questionnaire-based corruption risk assessment at medium and senior management and expert levels and shared the results with staff at workshops. Based on the detected risks, we placed special emphasis on improving stakeholders’ corruption risk awareness in 2015.

Employee training

It is essential that every employee understands the general principles and standards underlying our daily business and possesses appropriate knowledge about the practices required to comply with them. As a result, we use several channels to make our employees aware of the importance of ethical conduct, educate them on corruption risks and provide them with the necessary information. In 2013, we assessed our management’s awareness of legal risks and promoted the development of our employees’, managers’ and business partners’ ethical and anti-corruption skills through workshops, newsletters and various programmes.

Reporting and investigating violations

The Group Manual Ethics & Compliance contains clear investigation procedures and an outline of disciplinary procedures, the parties responsible for appropriate action and a promise that the disciplinary actions will be fair and proportionate. In this way, we ensure that incidents of noncompliance are met with equal measures across the Group. Employees who become aware of any kind of infringement are encouraged to report this to their leader or the Local or Group Ethics & Compliance Officer. Telenor maintains a compliance hotline throughout the Group. At this hotline, incidents can be reported in the official local language by phone, e-mail or postal service 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Reported incidents are handled confidentially. Telenor does not allow reprisals of any kind against those who in good faith report an infringement or suspicion of an infringement. Misconduct that may result in disciplinary actions includes failure to promptly raise a known or suspected breach.

Telenor has been partnering with Transparency International Hungary to promote business transparency since 2012. For more details click here .

Telenor Ethical Student Journalist Award

To raise young people’s awareness of the importance of corruption-free and transparent business, Telenor and DUE student journalist association established ethical student journalist award “In the Pursuit of Facts” in 2013. The award is granted to applicants for fact-based stories on any topic of their choice.

In 2015, the ethics award went to Bernadett Virágh who wrote an article on the marketing of fake higher education degrees and diplomas. Those finishing on the second and third places wrote about prejudice against the Roma among teenagers and gave a detailed insight into how tough it is to be a woman in India.

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