Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!

Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!

More freedom, more mobility and amazing possibilities

Telenor has created its new product portfolio to simplify communication and enable its customers to pursue a more mobile lifestyle.

From 15 February 2011, the operator will present a complex offering including not only a wide range of Android-based handsets but also netbooks and tablet. Telenor will be the first Hungarian mobile operator to sell Optimus 2X, LG’s high-end Android smartphone.

The latest technology provides you with communication tools making your life more flexible and easier to manage. Using a netbook you can work outside your home or office, while a smartphone or a tablet PC enables you to manage your life, check your e-mails or access your favourite community site anytime and anywhere.

“The impressive growth of smartphones, tablets and related applications opens a vast array of new opportunities for users and contributes to the emergence of a mobile lifestyle that makes your work and private life simpler and more colourful. We have the mission to make these opportunities available to our subscribers as soon as possible. To complete this mission, we need the right handsets. In line with this, we are now presenting a product portfolio that includes an ideal mobile communication device for every need be it a smartphone, a netbook or a tablet.” said Christopher Laska, CEO of Telenor Hungary.

A study by Boston Consulting Group forecasts that 5.7 million subscribers, 91% of all Hungarian households and 96% of businesses will be online – 54% wireless – by 2020.[1] The number of people accessing the Internet with their smartphone, laptop and netbook has been rising dynamically, and Telenor’s aim is to help its new and existing customers become part of this trend. From 15 February, the mobile operator will present an attractive netbook and tablet offering and add new Android-based smartphones to its portfolio every other week.

  • A new addition to Telenor’s portfolio, the light, sturdy and smart Samsung N145 netbook is available under an interest- and charge-free instalment plan. The device can be purchased with a Flexi Plus or Internet Premium mobile Internet subscription, a two-year loyalty period and a two-year tariff retention for a gross upfront payment of only HUF 6,490. The netbook with a long battery uptime of up to nine hours and an anti-scratch coating is available in white or black equipped with an anti-glare LED screen. Without an instalment plan, its total gross price is HUF 42,490. The offer has been designed for those who don’t want to buy a new PC at a high price or need a practical device to complement their home computer.
  • HTC Desire HD with an integrated 8MP camera and the touchscreen Samsung Galaxy Ace will be available from Telenor at a special discount price. The two-week discount periods will also feature Samsung Galaxy S, LG Optimus One and ZTE Blade. Telenor will be the first Hungarian operator to add the lightning-fast dual-core LG Optimus 2X to its offering. Telenor offers Android-based smartphones to customers who want enjoy the best Internet experience also on their mobile phone.
  • Tablet fans can now buy the 7” new generation Samsung Galaxy Tab from Telenor under an attractive interest- and charge-free 12-month instalment plan. The device can be purchased with Flexi Plus or Internet Premium mobile subscription, a two-year loyalty period and a two-year tariff retention for an upfront payment of HUF 14,990. The sophisticated functions of this tablet (including e-mail, video calls, access to community sites, multimedia, etc.) revolutionize the user experience.

With its new handset portfolio and mobile Internet offering tailored to specific customer types and habits, Telenor enables its customers to access the Internet in a manner that best suits their needs and budget.

[1] http://www.telenor.hu/digitalis-magyarorszag/magyarorszag2020/


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