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Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!


About Hipernet in General

What is Hipernet?

Telenor initiated the most ambitious network upgrade project in the history of the company so that it may continue to provide customers with cutting-edge services and introduce them to a new user experience. The upgrade allows Telenor customers to use Telenor Hipernet, a higher-quality network providing faster data transfer than what is available currently. The network has completed.

What is the technology behind Hipernet?

The technology providing the backbone of Hipernet is evolving continuously. At launch we provide HSPA+ technology; the new network, however, is already equipped to handle LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology, the LTE upgrade is under developement.

What are the benefits of Hipernet?

Higher speed, better coverage (especially indoors) and as a result, a better Internet experience.

What does a theoretical speed mean?

Theoretical speed is a nominal value. It is determined by the availability of the network technology at the given location, the availability of a device supporting the technology and the network load at the given moment.

Will existing customers benefit from the higher speed available via Hipernet?

Subscribers using 3G phones will feel the difference of a better network and greater coverage, but real Hipernet speed is only available by subscribing to one of the special Hipernet tariff packages.

Does Hipernet work with my existing non HSPA+/Hipernet compliant modem?

Any mobile phone or modem capable of transferring data can be used on our new Hipernet network, but Hipernet speed is really noticeable on mobile phones/devices supporting the HSPA+ standard.

Will larger bandwidth generate higher data traffic?

Access to a better Internet experience and higher speed may, naturally, mean customers generate more data traffic, simply because they will use the Internet more frequently and for new types of activities (e.g.: YouTube HD video streaming, cloud computing, music streaming). We have, therefore, substantially increased the data traffic quota included in the monthly fee of Hipernet tariff packages. In fact, we will provide active users an extra 100 GB toward their night-time data traffic quota with certain Hipernet tariff packages if they enter into a 2-year loyalty agreement.

I Want a Hipernet Tariff Package

How can I switch over to the new Hipernet package from my existing tariff package?

You can switch over to Hipernet tariff packages in person in Telenor stores or via our customer service line. Switching over to a category higher than your existing one is free of charge; a one-time administrative fee is charged, however, when switching to a lower tariff category. If you have an existing loyalty agreement, please contact our customer service line, or the associates at our store locations, for accurate information on, and the conditions of, your individual agreement.

Where can I get a Hipernet compliant (HSPA+) modem?

Telenor’s product range includes phones/devices supporting the HSPA+ standard. These may be purchased with a new subscription or within the Bonus Programme – if you are eligible for a device change – when entering into a one- or 2-year loyalty agreement, under the conditions stipulated in the promotion (link to promotions). If you are not eligible for the Bonus Programme, you can purchase one at the list price in any of our stores.

How can I use the extra services offered to packages?

Extra supplementary services are available for your extra tariff quota included in your tariff package when entering into a 2-year loyalty agreement or you can order them in Telenor shops or via customer service line: 1220.

How can I keep track of my data traffic?

In accordance with our current practice, we will send notifications via SMS to the mobile number using Hipernet access when 80% and 100% of the data traffic quota has been reached.

What can I do if I have reached the data traffic quota?

Additional data traffic quotas can be ordered to supplement Hipernet tariff packages. Extra data tickets provide data traffic quotas in addition to those included in the tariff packages, and can be used with the maximum download and upload speeds of the tariff package until the quota is exhausted. The extra data traffic included in data tickets can be used until the end of the current billing period. Data tickets can be ordered multiple times; only one type can be ordered within 24 hours, however. Data traffic quotas of tickets ordered within a 24 hour period are summed up and are usable until the end of the billing period. A text message on quota usage is sent via SMS when 80% and 100% of the data traffic quota included in the tariff package is reached. Extra data tickets are available: – via our customer service line: 1220 – in person in any of our stores – by replying to the SMS-notification sent to your modem, or by sending the text message “EXTRA1GB”, “EXTRA4GB” or “EXTRA10GB” to 1750. For further information, please visit: link to Extra data ticket site

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