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Válaszd ki MyTelenor fiókod vagy előfizetésed, amellyel kapcsolatban ügyet szeretnél intézni!

United Nations’ Global Goals

On 25 September 2015, 193 world leaders committed to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality & injustice. Fix climate change. The Global Goals for sustainable development could get these things done. In all countries. For all people. Telenor Group is proud to support and ensure awareness of the new Global Goals, the most important to-do list in history.


In Hungary and at a Telenor Group level, empowering society is a key component of our strategy and vision. This vision is a clear call to action. We bring vital infrastructure, new services and products that stimulate progress, change and improvement. We also want to ensure that our customers get the full benefit of using mobile internet and mobile technology. Through working with local and global partners, we promote sustainable development.

Our company has been working closely together with UNICEF Hungarian National Committee, the local representative office of the children’s fund of the United Nations, since 2013. The Ébresztő-óra (Alarm Clock) programme launched with Telenor’s support takes children’s rights information to primary schools in a way children between 10 and 18 can understand and relate to. This programme is designed to sensitise the young generation on global issues. Telenor believes that providing internet services to households entails a special responsibility. It wants its customers and their children, that is, future generations, to make use of virtually unlimited digital opportunities in a responsible and safe manner while maintaining mutual respect for each other. www.unicef.hu/ebresztoora

Telenor Hungary’s digital education project, Hipersuli, also aims to fight inequalities. It set up classrooms with digital facilities in schools at a different level of technology use across Hungary and keeps enhancing the digital skills of teachers involved in the project. The Hipersuli project was launched by Telenor in partnership with the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development (OFI) and Microsoft. www.hipersuli.hu

Please learn about the UN’s Global Goals on our website and help us spread the word. Tell everyone.

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