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Telenor Accelerate has been mentoring Hungarian start-ups from the digital scene to apply for acceleration

Telenor Accelerate was Hungary’s first business acceleration program launched in 2016 when winning teams included eSports Horizon, Musicating, Zoi, Tickething and Zyntern.

In 2017 Telenor Accelerate program attracted applications from 110 startups. Based on the professional jury’s decision, the winners are:

  • the developers of Family Finances, a virtual wallet app for children,
  • Vimage, an app creating still photos for moving elements
  • Photon, an online marketplace connecting photo and video artists with companies and event organizors

Each team will receive financial investment of HUF 5 to 10 million and additional support worth HUF 150 million combined from Telenor.

Telenor Accelerate Programme provides participants with ongoing individual mentoring and a bootcamp helping them acquire the skills essential for success. Using the knowledge acquired during the programme, startups can accelerate their growth and attract additional financial investors in the critical initial phase of their growth. In 2017 winners will participate in five-month intensive acceleration at the Telenor House in Törökbálint and at Kaptár where they will be given co-working office space. During the workshops running until February 2018, they will learn about today’s key digital technologies and methodologies (service design, lean and agile methodologies, UI/UX, digital marketing, growth hacking, fund raising and pitching).

The goal of the Telenor Accelerate Program is to help Hungarian start-ups gain appropriate market traction by offering them access to top mentors, senior managers, funds, investors and the international customer and partner base of the Telenor Group.

Telenor is passionate about innovation, bringing new ideas to the market, ensuring that our customers and partners have access to the latest concepts and products.

Telenor Accelerate offers 150 million HUF worth of support during the 5-month intensive bootcamp

  • Top mentors as a business mentors for the period of the program
  • Product validation opportunity on Telenor customer base in Hungary and worldwide
  • Weekly workshops with top notch mentors on relevant topics from Service Design to Growth Hacking
  • Co-working space in Telenor Campus and Kaptár
  • Seed investment 5 - 10 million HUF in exchange for minority ownership
  • Opportunity to present for leading VCs at the end of the program
  • Telenor Hello Data limitless tariff for all winning team members
  • Microsoft BizSpark program with free access to Microsoft Azure cloud services
  • Samsung S8 smartphone for all winning team members

Telenor Accelerate

Early-stage startup teams with an MVP (minimum viable product) that is connected to the internet, in fields such as FinTech, mHealth, education, entertainment, E- and M-commerce, communication, gaming, IoT, M2M, cloud, mobile application or hardware.

Hungarian or Hungary-based teams, but Europe-based startups may also be included if they have or are ready to set up a Hungarian legal entity and are willing to relocate to Budapest for the time of the acceleration.

Startups committed to dedicating most of their time to product development and attending the acceleration sessions from October 2017 to March 2018 in Budapest and Törökbálint.


04 September 2017
September 2017
Pitch day
October 2017
Bootcamp start
April 2018
Demo day
04 September 2017
September 2017
Pitch day
October 2017
Bootcamp start
April 2018
Demo day


Péter Oszkó

Péter Oszkó is the founder, owner and head of OXO Group. He has been dealing with venture capital investments and start-ups since 2010. Having experience in teambuilding, managing an organisation, creating a market and developing a customer base, he would offer long years of experience for the chosen team. According to him, apart from an overview on the economy and owning investment capabilities, the human factor is just as important in building and maintaining a successful organisation.

Veronika Pistyur

Veronika Pistyur is the CEO of Bridge Budapest. She has been working with start-ups for four years, when she was chosen to be a mentor in Kitchen Budapest's mentoring program. An entrepreneur, Veronika has a complex background, having experience both in agencies and on the customer-side, while also having practice running a small business and working for a large enterprise. She cites consciousness, self-confidence and trust as the most crucial assets in the start-up world.

Zoltán Varga

Zoltán Varga started his career at the Budapest Stock Exchange but has been an investor for the past 15 years, beginning as an angel investor. He has a broad range of experience, working on projects from aviation and chemical industry to content development or cable services. He expects fresh ideas and imaginative colleagues and is looking forward to the experience of working on Telenor’s Accelerate project. In his view, persistence, openness and confidence are indispensable in this world to succeed.

Balázs Várkonyi

Balázs Várkonyi is the Managing Director of Extreme Digital, the market leading Hungarian e-commerce company. He was only 21 years old when he started the business with a partner in 2001. In his view, a start-up should be more than just an idea, as a defined target group, a market and a plan is just as important and necessary to succeed. He would offer not only the capital and a business opportunity, but a professional expertise as well to the potential winners.

Balázs Vinnai

Balázs Vinnai is the Managing Director of Misys Digital Channels. He has been working with start-ups ever since finishing secondary school. He has years of experience in mentoring and developing talents, as since the launch of IND, him and his business partners has been supporting and launching several other start-ups. He thinks it's crucial not to limit the ideas to only one country or region, as a global approach needs to be implemented to one's thinking. Risk-taking and being able to make decisions are necessary in running a successful business.

György Simó

György Simó is the former co-founder of, where he was also responsible for content production and program management. He is one of the best known angel investors in the country with relevant international pedigree. The IT-focused professional has strong managerial view and solid expertise in supporting entrepreneurs. In addition to being a highly successful venture investor, he has also been awarded for his excellent organizational development activities.


Workshop #1 Service Design Batorfi Zsolt
Workshop #2 Lean Startup Kovach Anton
Workshop #3 UI/UX Nemeth Adam
Workshop #4 Agile Development Kovach Anton
Workshop #5 Digital Marketing Arany Janos
Workshop #6 Growth Hacking Kovacs Peter
Workshop #7 Fund Raising Szandrocha Kamilla
Workshop #8 Pitching Willy Benko


Overview of the Telenor Accelerate Program

Pitch Day 2017

Further videos

Telenor Accelerate’s winner startups 2017


An online marketplace connecting photo and video artists with companies and event organizers.

Mentors: György Simó (Day One Capital) and Zoltán Varga (Central Invest)

Family Finances

A family finances and virtual wallet app tailored to the needs of children enabling them to manage their pocket money in a smart way.

Mentors: Péter Oszkó (Oxo Group) and Balázs Vinnai (Misys Digital Channels)


You can use the Vimage app on any smartphone to create cinemagraphs, that is, still photos with moving elements.

Mentors: Veronika Pistyur (Bridge Budapest), Balázs Várkonyi (Extreme Digital)

Telenor Accelerate’s winner startups 2016

eSports Horizon

Online service that helps amateur gamers to turn pro with the help of recognized eSporters, educational videos and personalized tips.

Mentor: Zoltán Varga

Musicating (KODA)

A digital educational platform for individual music education, which aims to deliver a solution inspired by the Kodály method and its experience accumulated over the last 60 years with today's state-of-the-art digital devices to the widest range of users.

Mentor: Veronika Pistyur


Online marketplace through which individuals can sell e-tickets to any events. The purpose is to make the exchange of tickets between private persons more secure and convenient.

Mentor: Péter Oszkó

Zoi (Moow)

Smart bike that alerts the owner in case of a theft, regardless the distance. The exact location of the bike can be tracked through a mobile application. The built-in sensors detect when a major accident occurres and the cyclist is unresponsive. Zoi smart bike will automatically send an emergency message along with the exact location of the accident to the contact person, formerly specified by the cyclist.

Mentor: Balázs Várkonyi


Talent matching platform – an online interface for recruiting business trainees. With the help of filtering, both the companies and the students in higher education can easily find either the best candidates or the best trainee and career poisitions for themselves.

Mentor: Balázs Vinnai


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