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GPRS/MMS Roaming

GPRS based WAP, GPRS Internet and MMS services are available even when roaming.

Apart from the configuration for domestic use, no other configuration is needed to use the service abroad.

Please check the service availability here:

Roaming partner countries


MMS roaming ensures that you can send and receive MMS to and from a subscriber of a Hungarian service provider while you are roaming in a specific country.

MMS sending fee while roaming: gross HUF 171,50 per message. There is no charge for receiving MMS messages.

GPRS Roaming

Traffic fees for using GPRS based WAP and GPRS Internet service

  • in Zone 1:
    • for post-paid customers: gross HUF 169.06/MB
    • for pre-paid customers: gross HUF163,84/MB
  • in Zone 2 : 255 Ft / 0,1 MB
  • in Zone 3 : 299 Ft / 0,1 MB
  • in Zone 4 : 699 Ft / 0,1 MB

Data traffic is measured in units of 1 KB in zone 1 and in units of 0.1 MB in all other zones.

You do not need to order this service; it is automatically available when you are abroad.

Tariff Zone 1 for this service is the same as Zone 1 for voice based-services plus the Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin operators specified below.

  • Croatia: Tele 2 HRV and VIPNET Cro
  • Serbia: Telenor Serbia (VIP)
  • Montenegro: Promonte, Montenegro

Using the service near Hungary’s state border

One of the peculiarities of mobile Internet networks is that in state border regions sometimes the signal of a foreign service provider is stronger than that of the domestic provider. As a result, your modem or data card may connect to the network of the provider in the neighbouring country, which generates data traffic for which you have to pay a roaming fee. To avoid this situation, we recommend the following:

  • If you live near the state border, request roaming barring when you purchase your mobile Internet subscription. This will help you avoid unintentional roaming use and high bills.
    You can order roaming barring in our shops or via our customer service line (1220).
  • Another solution is to configure your modem software to manual (not automatic) network selection, which ensures that the device always connects to the Telenor network.
    Telenor’s offering includes a new generation of data transfer devices that use pop-up windows after installation to show when you connect to a foreign network.

Further information

The service is available for postpaid and prepaid, as well as Új Generációs Kártyás (New Generation Prepaid) customers. You also need to have some kind of a GPRS-based WAP access, GPRS Internet or MMS service.

If you have call barring, you cannot use the above services.

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