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Online Customer Service

If you are a Telenor subsciber, you can use the MyTelenor self-service page. You can find detailed information regarding your phone number, billing information, invoices, electronic top-up, etc.

Online self-service from home

In order to use the self-service page, you have to register your phone number in the Telenor Online.

Login / registration

You can use MyTelenor self-service page now in English!

For post-paid subscribers:

  • Tariff information
  • Billing information about the last 6 closed bills, detailed bill items, etc. Pay your bills online!
  • Service information - Order new services or cancel old ones through the Telenor Online.

For pre-paid subscribers:

  • Top-up / recharge your balance
  • Order and cancel services
  • Get your balance info

Electronic payment

You can use you credit card (Visa, Maestro, etc) to top-up your balance or pay your Telenor bills. Our partner is OTP Bank.

MyTelenor login

With one-time-password:

Give your phone number and we send you a confirmation code in SMS.